Due to its location on the peninsula of Santa Elena, Salinas offers a variety of tourist activities. If you are interested in any of the activities below, we are happy to assist you with further information.

  • Tours to the Ruta del Sol
  • Tours to Isla de la Plata
  • Whale watching: daily tours from June to September
  • Observation of sea lions: visit the sea lion colony at Punta Brava
  • Bird watching on the road to Punta Carnero where you can see over 100 species of seabirds 
  • Boat rides: enjoy the bay or visit Santa Rosa and the Chocolatera, the westernmost point of Ecuador
  • Diving tour: with snorkel or tanks
  • City tour: visit the city's tourist attractions and its surroundings, crafts, churches, military bases, early century architecture, salt ponds, shopping center
  • Cultural tour: visit the museums Marino y Naval, Amantes de Sumpa, Real Alto, and Galería Farallón
  • Visit the thermal baths of San Vicente
  • Tour to the rainforest: trip to Dos Mangas and its lush tropical vegetation, waterfalls, ponds and variety of animal life